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Get started playing the ukulele with ukulele lessons Victoria. Our expert instructors provide personalized instruction for all skill levels.

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What's Included

In-Person Lesson Structure

Choose studio or in-home lessons
Enjoy 30, 45, or 60 min customized classes
Learn through personalized 1-on-1 instruction
Custom lesson plans and your own online student folder!
✓  Ukulele is a great travel instrument, it's small, light, and a fun companion
✓  Learning 3 basic chords is the first step to learning your favourite song
✓  Playing ukulele requires coordination, subtle technique, and hand strength
✓  Ukulele is a great alternative to guitar and generally easier on the fingers
✓  See what you'll learn below in our lessons overview
✓  See various techniques you'll learn below
  • We will figure out genres that you want to focus on, then start learning your favourite songs
  • You will be given various riffs and etudes from certain songs that will help with specific techniques
  • We will work towards completing each song to a performance level
  • Rhythm — Counting time, time signatures, feel, changing chords
  • Strumming patterns and techniques — Direction, missing strokes, palm muting, fret hand muting, tremolo, percussive knocks
  • Picking and other picking hand techniques — Alternateing picking, hybrid picking, sweep picking, fingerstyle picking, classical techniques and positioning
  • Fretting hand exercises and techniques — Hand placement, positioning, barring strings and barre chords, other chord shapes, slides, legatos, bending strings, and more
  • Reading traditional notation and tablature — Work through lesson books and sheet music your instructor gives you
  • Harmony and progressions — Building chords from basic triads, to extended, altered, and suspended chords, as well as chord progressions from various styles and genres
  • Scales, intervals and key centres — Learn the theory behind various scales, from basic major scales, to the modes of more complex scales
  • How to use this stuff — We will learn techniques that help you recognize theory and patterns in your playing, composing, and improvsing

Ukulele Teachers Victoria

Meet Your Ukulele Instructor


Damian Borges

Victoria, BC
Online Zoom

Owner & Music Instructor --- Guitar | Uke | Piano

I started this company in Edmonton while also running guitar classes at a local art gallery. I'm currently instructing online as well as in person out of Victoria BC

Ukulele Lessons Victoria

Ukulele Lesson Pricing

Yearly Plan

30 minutes | $30/Student
45 minutes | $45/Student
60 minutes | $60/Student
✓  Free Trial Lesson
✓  Winter & Spring Recitals
✓  $5 Discount per Lesson

Monthly Plan

30 minutes | $35/Student
45 minutes | $50/Student
60 minutes | $65/Student
✓  Free Trial Lesson
✓  Winter & Spring Recitals
✓  Cancel Anytime

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"Great teacher, great lessons, great set up! All around just wonderful and very worth it. Best music teacher we've had!"
Chai R

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