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Discover the convenience of online guitar lessons and become a skilled guitarist from anywhere. Personalized guidance for all skill levels.

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What's Included

Online Lesson Structure

Easy online set up with help from our instructor
Enjoy your 30, 45, or 60 min customized online class
Record your online lesson to review it before next class
Access your sheet music online in your student folder!
✓  Guitar is one of the most popular instruments worldwide
✓  Learning 3 basic chords is the first step to learning your favourite song
✓  Playing guitar requires coordination, subtle technique, and hand strength
✓  Tuning and setting up your guitar is very important and often forgotten
✓  See what you'll learn below in our lessons overview
✓  See various techniques you'll learn below
  • We will figure out genres that you want to focus on, then start learning your favourite songs
  • You will be given various riffs and etudes from certain songs that will help with specific techniques
  • We will work towards completing each song to a performance level (guitar solos optional)
  • Rhythm — Counting time, time signatures, feel, changing chords
  • Strumming patterns and techniques — Direction, missing strokes, palm muting, fret hand muting, tremolo, percussive knocks
  • Picking and other picking hand techniques — Alternateing picking, hybrid picking, sweep picking, fingerstyle picking, classical techniques and positioning
  • Fretting hand exercises and techniques — Hand placement, positioning, barring strings and barre chords, other chord shapes, slides, legatos, bending strings, and more
  • Reading traditional notation and tablature — Work through lesson books and sheet music your instructor gives you
  • Harmony and progressions — Building chords from basic triads, to extended, altered, and suspended chords, as well as chord progressions from various styles and genres
  • Scales, intervals and key centres — Learn the theory behind various scales, from basic major scales, to the modes of more complex scales
  • How to use this stuff — We will learn techniques that help you recognize theory and patterns in your playing, composing, and improvsing

Guitar Teachers Victoria

Meet Your Guitar Instructor


Damian Borges

Victoria, BC
Online Zoom

Music Instructor, Manager --- Guitar | Uke | Piano

Damian is the founding instructor and deals with day-to-day operations. He continues to teach guitar lessons, piano lessons, and ukulele lessons for kids, teens, and adults and began teaching in Edmonton AB, now currently teaching in Victoria BC.

Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson Pricing

Yearly Plan

30 minutes | $30/Student
45 minutes | $45/Student
60 minutes | $60/Student
✓  Free Trial Lesson
✓  Winter & Spring Recitals
✓  $5 Discount per Lesson

Monthly Plan

30 minutes | $35/Student
45 minutes | $50/Student
60 minutes | $65/Student
✓  Free Trial Lesson
✓  Winter & Spring Recitals
✓  Cancel Anytime

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"Great teacher, great lessons, great set up! All around just wonderful and very worth it. Best music teacher we've had!"
Chai R

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